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Replacements and Repairs

Congleton Glass Co. Ltd. takes pride in offering comprehensive glass and glazier services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether you require plain or tempered glass, our expert team provides top-notch solutions. We specialize in window repair and replacement, conservatory roofing, and complete uPVC system fitting services, ensuring your home or office space is equipped with the highest quality materials.

Our extensive range of glass products includes:

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Window glass

Greenhouse Svgrepo Com

Greenhouse glass

Picture In A Frame Svgrepo Com

Picture frame glass

Glass Window Transparent Transparency Svgrepo Com

Toughened glass

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Patterned glass

No Fire Allowed Outdoor Svgrepo Com

Fire-resistant glass, and colour sprayed glass

Replacements and Repairs

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Comprehensive glass and glazier services

We also supply sealed double/triple glazed units, mirror glass, and more. Additionally, we provide Perspex and polycarbonates, as well as mirrors cut to size, bevelled, and convex. Our inventory includes multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, glazing systems, and various glazing sundries, including putty, sealants, and glass cleaners.

Professional fitting services

At Congleton Glass, we not only offer premium glass products but also provide professional fitting services for most of our offerings. With our expertise and dedication to quality, you can rely on us to enhance your space with the finest glass solutions, ensuring durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Contact us today, and let our experts help you find the right glass products for your home or office.

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