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Patio Doors

At Congleton Glass, our uPVC patio doors are designed for effortless functionality, offering smooth and easy operation with minimal effort, whether you want to open them partially or fully.

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A seamless transition between your home and garden

Ideal for homes where space is precious, our PVC patio doors create a seamless transition between your home and garden. We take pride in offering a customized service tailored to your specific needs. Choose from two, three, or four panels to perfectly match your home’s size and your family’s requirements.

Our uPVC patio doors glide effortlessly, ensuring a smooth operation. Personalize your doors by selecting from a range of glass styles, from obscure to decorative. With a variety of colours available, you can make your patio doors a unique feature of your home. Request a quote today to receive a no-obligation estimate for your new patio doors.

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Optional Thresholds

Choose low thresholds and ramps with a wrap-over design that prevents scuff marks, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

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Air Glide System

Enjoy silent and smooth operation with our multi-wheeled ‘air glide’ running systems integrated into our sliding doors.

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High Security

Our uPVC sliding patio doors feature the modular SAC shoot bolt locking system, providing robust security for your peace of mind.

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Guaranteed Quality

Rest assured with our 10-year guarantee against cracking, discolouration, or warping, demonstrating our commitment to lasting quality.

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Child Friendly

Safety is a priority. Our patio doors have a ‘finger trap-free’ design for added security, ensuring a child-friendly environment.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our patio doors are eco-friendly, containing no steel or lead components, contributing to a greener planet. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, security, and environmental consciousness with our uPVC patio doors at Congleton Glass.


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